Anti Stick

NSM Enviro Anti Stick Photocatalyst is a single pack clear mix solution applied to the surface to allow the safe and rapid removal of all form of illegal stickers and graffiti, without the use of harsh cleaning chemical.

NSM Enviro Anti Stick Photocatalyst is different to other anti stick treatments for it protects the surfaces and are able to be self cleaned with water eliminating the need for hazardous chemical cleaner.

NSM Enviro Anti Stick Photocatalyst can be applied to exterior and interior surfaces including concrete, brick, stone, render, fibreglase, timber, metal, cladding, painted surfaces and traffic and general signages.

New Signages Manufacturers can apply NSM Enviro Anti Stick photocatalyst as a finish product prior to installation, Not only it provide permanent protection against illegal stickers, posters and adhesire tapes and graffiti attack it also add UV protection and life to paintwork.

NSM – Enviro Anti Stick Product


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Target Market

  • Public Transport = Use NSM- Photocatalyst (for self cleaning, super hydrophilic and anti-viral)
  • Billboard,Commercial Signage,Road Signages and cladding = Use NSM-Photocatalyst(for self cleaning,super hydrophilic and anti-viral)
  • Anti-stick Photocatalyst (for anti-labelling & anti-graffiti)
  • Hotel, Conference rooms , carpet, curtain, wall, toilet bowl & toilet
  • Use NSM Nanosilver Photocatalyst (for anti bacteria, deoderisation and self cleaning effects.)

Detail Application

  • Use Bio-Solv (NSM62) to clean the surface.The dilution ratio of Bio-Solv (NSM62) depend on the surface condition (can be dilute up to 15 times)
  • Start with the pre-coating (NSM62A) (use suction type spray gun
  • 1.5mm nozzle size) 2 coats.
  • Then use the activation coating (NSM62B) on the pre coating (use gravity type spray gun-0.5mm nozzle size) 2 coats.

Costing Detail

1 Set of NSM-Enviro Anti Stick Photocatalyst Consist of :

    • 1 litre of Bio-Solv (NSM62),
    • 1 litre of Pre-Coating (NSM62A) and
    • 1 litre of Activation Layer (NSM62B)

Per set of NSM-Enviro Anti Stick Photocatalyst can produce (30 sq. meter – 40 sq. meter) anti stick coating depending on the surface condition.