Nano Green®


NanoGreen® a natural antibacterial agent produced from natural minerals through the used of nanotechnology. It is basically a mixture of several metallic oxides, with a variety of bio-ceramics. NanoGreen® powder, which unleashes a bulk of infrared rays and negative ions, is later blended into NanoGreen® solution by NSM™ (Nano Silver Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.) with special nanotechnology.

It is free from harmful chemicals, thus not jeopardizing the human body, animals as well as plants. It is also the best replacement for chemical fertilizers to be spray on plants and crops. Furthermore, with its many biological ceramic ingredients, NanoGreen®, which is rich in minerals it, could decrease the heav y metal elements in the soil, and at the same time, increase fertility of the soil, resulting in fresher & healthier fruits and vegetables.

Moreover, NanoGreen® is also a unique product for waste water treatment. It helps to separate the sediments / solid and water thus removing its bad odor and reducing the COD and BOD in the waste water. As NanoGreen® is a natural product it is environmental friendly and by using NanoGreen® it help to eliminate pollution problem faced by many countries.


  • Excellent absorption for heavy metal and toxic gas.
  • Release high level of FIR and negative ion.
  • Removal of odour and smell.
  • Prevent bacterial and growth of mold.
  • Prevent Sick House Syndrome caused by new paints and cements.
  • Solution for problem of bacterial, mod and moss.

The application of NanoGreen® is vast and diverse in potential and in many sectors and industries. The followings are some of the applications which have been acknowledged by NSM™:

Application – Environment




Odor Removal

Garbage room, Car, Toilet, Room, Office, Cinema and etc.

Removal of foul smell from the garbage room

Prevents infection of mold and bacteria.

Spray onto carpet to remove odor.

Disinfection of Water

Industrial Sewerage, Palm oilwaste,Oxidation pound, process of foods or leftovers

Add to oily waste water, the sludge will settle down with treated oil layer separation

Add to foods or leftovers to prevent bacteria contamination


Bread, Fish, Sausage, Fish Box, Flower, Tableware, Vegetable, Fruit

Spray NanoGreen® at the packaging boxes or plastic bag, may eliminates the fishy smell.

Application – Construction




Construction Material

Indoor, Outdoor, Hospital, DIY, Wall, Sauna

Spray on the wall, removal of the smell

of cement or paint.

Prevent and kill moss and mould.

Prevent Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

Spray onto carpet, removal of odor.

Continuous usage of NanoGreen® in the closed environment will definitely improved the odor condition and air quality indoor.

Application – Agriculture




Organic Fertilizer

Fresh Flower, Fruit, Vegetables

Natural germicidal agent.

Promotes growth of plants.

Strengthening disease tolerance.

To improve germination and to accelerate growth and development without the use of chemical.