NANOTEC® Ceramic Dome Water Filter

The Water Ceramic Dome Filter used by NANOTEC® consist of ceramic that is impregnated with nanosilver and with a core of alkaline activated carbon block.
Ceramic Dome Filter has very small pores. Because of the particle greater than 0.9 micron will not pass through. This means that all bacteria, parasites, spores of fungi and other micro-organisms are filtered out by the Ceramic Dome Filter.

Nano Silver Activated Carbon Block within the Ceramic Dome Filter reduces that harmful chemicals such as pesticides and chlorine and improve the taste Nano Silver inhibit the bacteria growth in the Ceramic Dome Filter.

Reason 1

Safe, Bacteria Free And Healthy Alkaline Water.

Water Filtered with a NANOTEC®Ceramic Dome Filter is safe for human consumption. Compared to boiling, water purified with a NANOTEC® Ceramic Dome Filter System is healthier because dust and particles are removed together with harmful organic components and chlorine.

Reason 2

Economy than Bottle Water

Drinking water purified by NANOTEC® Ceramic Dome Filter is very economy. One Ceramic Dome Filter can purify up to 5,000 liters of water before it need to be replaced.

Reason 3

More Convenient

You do not have to get out buying water anymore. No need to boil water. NANOTEC® Ceramic Dome Water Filter is very easy to use and it improves the quality of life.

Reason 4

Better Taste

NANOTEC® Ceramic Dome Water Filter removes harmful organic compounds and bacteria but enhanced beneficial alkaline minerals as well as oxygen that stay in the water, gives a fresh sweet taste.

Two Containers System

Enter the water in the upper water container. You can use tap water, well water or river water. Murky and Muddy water can be used by reducing the speed of filtration. Chemically contaminated or Salty water can not be used. As a rule of thumb, all water that can be consumed after boiling can also be consumed after filtration. The sterile water flow into the lower container. From there you can tap the water and drink it directly, it is safe and free of bacteria.

Cleaning the Ceramic Dome Filter

The Ceramic Dome Filter can be cleaned with water and a sponge or a soft brush like a tooth brush.
Do not use detergent or other chemicals.
The Ceramic Dome Filter needs to be cleaned when the discharge is not enough for your needs.

  • The Ceramic Dome Filter should last anywhere from six (6) months to twelve (12) months.