NSF Formulation

A revolutionary concept in breeding chicken by improving production efficiency in terms of rapid growth, increasing host immunity against diseases and negative environment. This formulation involves the application and combination of two essentials ingredients:


  • Nano Pi Concentrate Solution (ECS™)
  • Solid Nano Pi Feed (Nano Pi Feed CE-K380™)

The NSF Formulation can be effectively applied in broiler meat breeding field. Not only does the formulation increase the weight of chickens, but also decreases the fatality rate. Furthermore, the NSF Formulation educes the fat-ratio and cholesterol level chickens thereby enhance the quality of the meat. This formulation is a result of many years of research and has been proven by clinical experiments conducted by researches from renowned universities.

The NSF Formulation enhances the productivity of broiler meat by providing the chickens with 100% natural nano raw materials supplements.

Unlike other chemically produced feeds, NSF Formulation which is 100% natural will not have any chemical contamination on broiler meat.

ECS is a result of years of research into colloidal silver, a substance which has for years being known for its antibiotic properties. The refinement of this substance has now been perfected through the breaking down of the silver molecule into nano particles which makes assimilation into other fluid thus enhancing its antibiotic efficacy.

ECS is thus a natural substance without any presence of chemicals. With this antibiotic efficacy, feeding the broiler chickens with ECS effectively decreases the fatality rate of chickens thereby increasing the returns of farmers.

NANO FEED CE-K380 is essentially a solid feed integrated with natural minerals through the processing of in several stages. Broiler chickens fed with NANO FEED CE-K380 has been proven through experimental plots conducted in local farms and universities to improve in the meat quality, protein content in the meat and lower mortality rate.

Some of the main benefits of using NSF Formulation to broiler chicken as proven clinically include:

  • Increases the total weight of broiler chicken.
  • Increase immunity and decreases diseases of broiler chicken, thereby reduces chicken mortality rate.
  • Decreases the cholesterol and fats in chicken and improves the quality of chicken meat.
  • 100% natural substance and minerals prevent chemical contamination of the chicken meat.